Undercarriage Washing

Undercarriage washes will now be offered at AAG Auto Detailing as an additive to any of our Exterior Detailing Services. We have a tool with three high pressure jets that attaches to our pressure washer and is wheeled underneath your vehicle to rinse away salt, dirt, and other things that collect underneath. Take advantage of this option to ensure that you are getting rid of all the contamination that eventually causes damage.

This is a great service for the winter time and even throughout the other three seasons of the year! Rust is a huge factor in breaking down vehicles underneath, and this excellent preventive maintenance. With this service we are ensuring extra lifetime, and even the resale value of your vehicles!

Get in contact with us today to have this service added to your detailing packages.

What is Kenzo?

IGL Coatings is pioneering the industry with their Eco-Friendly Green Products.  These products are safe for the atmosphere, the installer and are reach compliant.  These materials have the best gloss and longevity of any coating we’ve ever seen! IGL’s flagship product, Kenzo is the only true 10H ceramic coating on the market with diamond infusion. Read More

About AAG

At AAG Auto Detailing, we are more than a business. We are a professional detailing company focused on helping people care more about their vehicle. Our company was founded back in 2014 by Andrew Gerber with more then 5 years of professional detailing experience.

We strive to bring you an ultimate experience that is friendly, honest and shows our true love for the automotive industry.

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